Cosecha Records

The philosophy behind recycling is very simple: there’s a lot of wealth in garbage. In those industries where raw material is scarce, we can easily understand why we would want to recover it from the trash —to reduce costs, besides protecting the environment. But in the case of music, where ideas are abundant and we only need to start whistling or strumming a few chords and new sounds come out of thin air, ¿why should we recycle?

1 – Because other musicians come up with ideas that we would never think of. 

2 – Because through a version, a remix, or sampling a piece of music we can make a twist on the source material and make it more powerful, modern, or radically change it. 

3 – Because, in an industry so conditioned by fashion (“the sound of the moment”), finding something that stands the test of time is valuable.


Cosecha Records emerged as a structure to contain and process the material found in the Tierra Fértil expedition, and intends to be the recycling department of the record industry. Thousands of shelved albums, bands that didn’t make it and songs that almost got to the masses are patiently waiting for a team of curators, artists, managers and audio professionals to put them back in the game.


DJ grey

Juan manuel drangosch

ARchaeologist & Producer

Musician / Producer / DJ. Passionate about recycling and remixing, always trying to find new approaches to making music. Obsessed about demos and b-sides. Meditator and yoga practitioner. 

Lu 200x200


Press & Management

Head at Un efecto – Musical Promotion. Sync Agent. Member of the Argentine Music Managers Organizations (ACMMA), of the Argentine Association of Press Agents of Arts & Culture (AAAPAC) and Friend of The Guild of Music Supervisors.

Javi circular BN 200x200


Producer & Computers Expert

Musician, producer, mixing engineer. Specialized in music for TV. Systems Engineer. 

Mauro 200x200


Patagonic Agent

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and promoter. Founding member of the NGO Perros Perdidos (Missing Dogs), Neuquén.