Tierra fértil:

The quest for the lost hit

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The ¿first? record label based on the concept of recycling. Remixes, covers, compilations, new mixes and remasters. 

Right now our main project is Tierra Fértil, an archaeological expedition in the underground music scene. We’re listening to records by obscure bands that didn’t get popular enough during their time, and selecting the best songs —attempting to unearth and restore the lost gems of the different scenes and ages. 

You can get updates on the progress in our blog or get in touch.


100% Recycled 100% Reciclado

Tensixties - it burns (2012)

First recording retrieved by the Expedition. 

Radioactive [Border Brothers remix]

Indie rework/remix of Imagine Dragon’s multi-platinum single. 

Los condors - todo un palo (2015)

Electronic remake of this classic by Los Redondos. 


If the trailer left you craving for more and you want to start digging on those lost bands, here’s a short sample of artists and songs that we think deserve a second shot.

Documentaries, albums, journeys and epic tales that inspired the expedition.

Well executed, a version can bring many benefits to all the parts involved. We explore some covers with extraordinary stories and results.

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Next Steps

What we’re doing and what we’re planning for early 2023.